Health - Sep 22

An article published by the full professor of the Department of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the University of Valencia (UV) Carlos Simón and his research team (UV, INCLIVA and Carlos Simón Foundation) in the journal Nature Communications , describes for the first time the cellular alterations responsible for Asherman's Syndrome at the single cell level.

Galaxies from the early Universe are more like our own Milky Way than previously thought, flipping the entire narrative of how scientists think about structure formation in the Universe, according to new research published today.

Environment - Sep 22

An extraordinary heat wave is assailing the world's oceans with an intensity that is surprising climate researchers. Environmental physicist Nicolas Gruber provides some context.

Health - Sep 22

A complete spinal cord injury leads to irreversible paralysis. Scientists at.NeuroRestore report in Science that they have developed a gene therapy that was proven in mice to stimulate nerve regrowth across such injuries and guide nerves to reconnect to their natural targets below the injuries in order to restore motor function.

Physics - Sep 21

How can we guarantee the reliability of quantum systems? This is the challenge being addressed by an ambitious European research project called VeriQuB, coordinated by the QAT team (Inria, École normale supérieure - PSL, CNRS) at the Inria Paris centre.

Life Sciences - Sep 21
Life Sciences

Researchers have discovered the brain pathways involved in 'sleep preparatory behaviour' in mice, which is likely to also apply to humans.

Environment - Sep 22

Evolutionary Biology Artificial intelligence (AI) can help plant scientists collect and analyze unprecedented volumes of data, which would not be possible using conventional methods.

Pharmacology - Sep 22

A team from the UCL Global Business School for Health (GBSH) and the UCL School of Pharmacy are using data collected from an "electric tongue" to create an AI model for predicting the bitterness of drugs.

Pharmacology - Sep 21

This figure represents around 9% of deaths caused by cardiovascular disease in Canada each year. Reducing our salt intake to the level recommended by public health authorities could prevent up to 5,300 deaths per year in Canada. This is the conclusion reached by a research team at the end of a study evaluating the impact of different scenarios for reducing sodium consumption on the health of the Canadian population. The team's work, led by Mary L'Abbe of the University of Toronto, was published in the journal Plos One .

History / Archeology

An excavation in Turkey has brought to light an unknown Indo-European language. Professor Daniel Schwemer, an expert for the ancient near east from Würzburg, is involved in investigating the discovery.

Environment - Sep 21

The oil industry in Romania has an enormous potential for reducing methane emissions. This has been demonstrated by a team of scientists led by Professor Thomas Röckmann from Utrecht University. In 2019, the amount of methane emitted by the Romanian oil industry was equal to the amount of methane emitted by all other European oil industries combined. The research was funded by the Environmental Defense Fund and published on 20 September in the scientific Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics .

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